Period 4 APWH

Answer the questions on a piece of loose leaf. Click on the piece's title for more information about the work of art and its creator.

Provide a brief description of Titian and Philip II. What allowed monarchs to sponsor works of art, such as portraits by renowned artists?
How does this painting depict the type of monarch that Louis XIV was? Research and explain the importance of the blue/purple color worn by Louis.
How does this carving depict Peter the Great? What did Peter do to gain the name, "the Great?" What is the significance of the map in his hand?
How does this painting mirror that of Louis XIV? What does that say about the nature of an absolute monarch?
Give a brief description of van Eyck. What type of architecture is seen in the background? Who was the Madonna? What does the theme of this picture suggest about Renaissance art?
Who is Raphael? The Sistine Chapel? Compare this to the Mary by van Eyck. Why might she be painted differently? Virtual tour of the Chapel: Can you find the brain?
What is the significance of John Frederick, the man in the front of Luther and the reformers?
How does this painting depict Galileo? What is the significance of the other person in this painting?
What was the purpose of this instrument?
How did this instrument change the world's understanding of the universe?
How does this map of 1579 compare to the modern-day world map? What would account for these differences?
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