Life in color               andrew tashian

The theme I Chose is Life/Global issues. There are thousands of global issues effecting our everyday lives all the time and they don't get as much attention as they deserve. Issues such as war, the earths health, dictatorship and violence are only some of the issues.  Street art is an amazing way to draw attention to these issues, many people use street art as a way to show these issues as well as you can see throughout the images. 

The image here is talking about peace and end to violence. It says "Hate free" and "Community free" and a peace sign in the middle of those two words.This reflects the issue of violence.
This image is addressing the issue of the earth and how we have to help save it. It has a lot of colors that reflect nature and is spreading the message of conserving the earth.
This is about saving the earth but dresses the issue of keeping it green and recycling. You can see Captain Planet and well in the image which is what immediately makes me think of saving the earth.
This image represents issues about freedom and the ability to do what you want. All over the world people are being oppressed and this image captures that and displays it very well
This image represents the issue of freedom/rights as well because it displays how women in china are forced to have abortions.The color scheme and image of the baby really helps convey the dark tone.
This image stood out to me because it shows how we are trying to balance the world and make it what we want but it is not easy and very hard to balance out without messing up something.
This displays anti violence in a very powerful way. Depicted is a boy who has a grenade and there is blood flowing down him and in bold letters its says "Give peace a chance".
This image represented war and you can tell that by the terrorist and the explosion going off below him. To me, the terrorist is so big because it is trying to show the size of the problem at hand.
This image talks about the issue of our veterans and how they are being forgotten and being horribly mistreated on the streets and in society in general and it really spoke to me.
This image is talking about anti violence as well and you can clearly see that because it has the words " Love" and "Peace" clearly marked on it. Its also has a lot of vibrant colors that stick out.
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