Era of reform 

By: Cherry Par

Dorothea Lynde Dix, the woman who reformed about the mentally ill being treated very badly. She was a Sunday School teacher by the time she relized how the mentally-ill were treated very badly, sometimes even compared to prisoners locked up in chains in jails. Dorothea Dix's reform helped the mentally-ill get better treatment and even till today people work their hardest to help the mentally-ill. Thanks to her, the world is one more step closer into being perfect with equalness among every body.
Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist. After escaping slavery and still in danger, she helped many other slaves including her friends and family escape slavery as well following the Underground Railroad. After successfully helping over hundreds of slaves escape, she became a spy for the Union. What she did helped the world be a better place today because now we can look back up to her and be proud that she risked her own endangered life, to save many others. With her braveness, the world is more diverse and equalized today.
Sir Horace Mann was an American politician and an education reformer. He believed in education for all, no matter whether you were a slave or even women. With his power of being a popular man in Massachusetts, he became president of Antioch College. Sir Horace Mann impacted the world today by having more kids educated and the world be a better and smarter place for the people living in it.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who worked well with Susan B Anthony helped the world today appreciate women for who they are and what they can do. She was a women's right reformer and successfully got women more attention. Together with Susan B Anthoy, they helped the world appreciate women and now women are leading schools, business, etc without always having to care for the children or cook dinner for the family.
This picture represents Autumn leaves, but if you think about it you can translate or interpret it into anything you like. For example, without those reforms made by those people, the world would be so much more different. If those reform leaders didn't take those small steps for those accomplishments, they would have never succeeded, just like if those little flower petals didn't fill the tree up, it wouldn't be as beautiful as it is now. Reform is important because that's who we are. Humans have different opinions on EVERYTHING, some can be good and some can be good. The reforms talked about today were all good because we can look back at how far we've become as humans and how society is now. Thanks to all those reform leaders, the world is so much more equal, fair, diverse, educated, and happy!
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