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Beards of the renaissance

a) The clothing is baggy, with a black cloak, next with a fancy hat and a yellow mandana. The clothing tells us that the subject is relatively rich, he is fashionable since the mandana matches beard. b) The background is plain green and shows the man is plain and boring, it shows he is concealed. c)The artist thinks the subject is intelligent since he looks educated. The artist feels that the subject sincere from the arm placement. d)The man’s name is Hilber, he is rich the son of a duke.His boring and focuses on his work.
a) The subject is holding a scroll,with a black hat,a red shirt and black coat. This tells us he is smart from the scroll. He looks very focused on something from the serious tone he is showing. b) The background is plain black that fades of his clothes. This was often done in the middle ages to show humanism. This is important because it shows focus on the subject, not what he can do. c) The artist views the subject as a man who is a talented writer that does not want to show off his other talents. d) This is Bernard, he is of the upper middle class and a merchant he is very focused on work.
a)The clothing they are wearing are black cloaks with white collars. The woman is also wearing a hair cap The clothing shows us that they are rich and many clothes could be worn by different genders. b) The background is showing a messy room in which a man is working and his wife gives him something. This is important because it shows how messy this man is and how his wife is cooperated. c)The artist wants us to know that this man is all over the place, and his wife is helpful. There is evidence for this where the background is scattered. d) This man’s name is Isaac and his wife is Mary. Isaac a scientist, artist, mathematician, and physicist all at the same time. Mary is a housewife.
a)The man is wearing a red shirt with a black coat he is also wearing a feather wig and a gleaming necklace. He is holding a statue of a naked baby. This tells us he is a sculpture, and very rich due to the expensive necklace. b)The background is a work space, This represents that he is focused on his work, he has completed a sculpture. c) The artist wants us to think that the subject is all about perfection and focus. The evidence is staring with a smooth baby sculpture. d) This is Jefferson, he is a artist and sculpture that is part of the middle class. He likes to play with his beard and satisfaction.
a) The clothing is a black silk robe with a gold necklaces holding a painting of naked people. This shows he is rich because robes cost a lot of money. He is also brave to buy a super expensive necklace. b) In the background there is a collage of sculptures such as stools, cabinets and other useful things the man has created. c) The artist thinks that the subject is accomplished and amazing. The prove for this is all the art, and it is a self portrait, you want to make yourself look good. d) He is Joseph he is a smart man that likes to do things himself he is a artist and a genious.
a)This man is wearing a black cloak.This tells us he is plain and of normal wealth. b) In the background there is a white wall. This tells us the subject likes light and large rooms, this is the effect of white. c)The artist wants us to think that the subject is distracted and not looking at the screen. The proof for this is the man looking away. d) He is Arnold a plain boring merchant that is not enthusiastic. He does not enjoy other people but loves clear spaces.
a)This man is wearing a badge hat and sweater. This shows that he likes to fit in since there is no contrast between the hat and shirt. b) The background is plain black. This is used to represent the humanism. This can show that this man does not want to show anything through picture but attitude. c) The artist wants to show the man as a man that is confusled and looks intimidating. His large nose makes it impossible to look intimidating. d) This man is Ali. People also can him large nose. He's a priest that works for the church and is dedicated to god.
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