I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work- Sam Millendorf

The value of this piece is depicted with the contrast between values throughout the building. The lower levels have lighter values(about a 2)and the higher values have darker values(about a 7 or 8.)
Form is shown in this piece when it comes to the geometric figures. They are regular (3 cubes) and gives the whole piece a very geometric feel.
The use of lines is the focal point in this piece. The lines connect throughout to create some triangle shapes. The lines are straight and mostly diagonal. There is hatching and crosshatching within those shapes.
The use of texture really makes the viewer think that they can go and touch the objects in this piece. The use of contoured lines creates a kind of 3-D line texture. Without the texture, the car and other objects would seem much less 3-D and it would greatly impact the form.
Shapes are the main focus in this piece. Most of them are regular quadrilaterals such as parallelograms, squares, trapezoids, and rectangles. They create a very modern and geometric feel.
The use of space in this piece brings out the main object in this piece. Without the space, the object would not stand out and the viewer would most likely not be able to see it. The use of black within that space brings out the blue color in the object.
The use of color greatly impacts the mood and character of this piece. The use of blues, purples, reds, yellows,greens, oranges, and pinks creates a very upbeat mood. Without them, the piece would not be as lively and it would seem very dull or depressing.
Credits: All media
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