Composing for the Art of it

These are the pieces that I feel can define composition visually.

In this piece, you can see that from corner to corner everything is aligned to catch the viewers attention. I believe that composing this just right is vital for the piece.
As you can see, in the foreground, Jesus is being crucified in the dead center of the work. On both sides are two women that balance out the photo showing depth and perspective.
Just like the previous art piece, the center of the photo, Venus, is balanced on each side, giving the composition balance and depth/dimension.
In this piece, the right third of this composition is balanced by the smaller object in the left third which also creates depth and realistic viewpoint.
In this photo, the viewpoint of this composition is so clear that the negative space in the photo actually draw attention to the foreground, in my opinion.
In this composition, the lines seem the start in your face and continue to move back in the background due to one point perspective. As far as the image, the content of it definitely got my attention.
There is a lot to look at in this piece, but I can say that the space of the composition is used wisely, As well as the lines leading you to different objects in the piece.
The perspective makes this compositions by the size choice of each person which creates depth and dimension in each "shape".
In this piece, the one point perspective is what makes this piece seem so dominant in the sense that you feel like you're in the composition.
The lines in this photo are all connect by the same thing that's placed in the center of the composition. That also creates a balance.
The composition of this photo was well thought out. You can tell that the photographer places the volcano that's in the foreground in the center of the photo to show depth as well as realness.
The object is placed in the bottom third which leaves a lot of negative space, but the negative space in this composition plays well because it doesn't distract you from the dominant object.
A piece like this shows a lot of dimension just by the values of each object, but the placement of the objects also make for and excellent composition without distracting the viewer too much.
Pieces like this actually draw my attention the most. It seem so simple yet so complex at the same time. The choice of shape in line moves your eyes throughout the composition without becoming boring.
I honestly wish I had this as a poster. Anyways, The center object is balance by smaller and bigger objects from corner to corner which makes for a very clean composition.
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