Pakistan/ Nepal Culture- Braxton Sell

Shows some of the land and geography of Pakistan.
Sculpture that represents Pakistan and it looks interesting.
Shows a sculpture of Kushani Soldiers good representation of what they looked like because of the good detail in it.
Shows the some of the cool interesting art that they have in Pakistan.
Represents their Buddha and has great detail also to show more of their sculptures and art.
Shows what some parts are like in Nepal and they don't have anywhere to go.
Shows Nepal's art and it is cool looking because it looks like a flying carpet.
Shows a lot of detail of Nepal Culture and it is a Buffalo Demon it is very weird but very interesting.
Shows a place in Nepal it is interesting and has some different things there by the way it looks just a cool picture.
This was the first woman that was allowed to work at a radio station in Pakistan thought that was interesting and a key point.
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