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We've brought together this wonderful collection of works to help you improve all aspects of your life. From work, to stress, to culture, we've covered it all. No matter what has got you down, we've got the advice to help you pick yourself back up.

Working by Studs Terkel "Work is a search for daily meaning, as well as daily bread." Are you frustrated with your job? Sick of doing the same thing day after day? Do you feel like the work you do doesn't make a difference? No matter what line of work you're in, Studs Terkel has wisdom for you. For every modern worker, Studs Terkel brings the best advice to get you through the daily grind. With stories from workers just like you, Terkel is here to tell you that you're not alone. Get advice from workers in every line of work imaginable. Each worker offers up a unique perspective on work. From CEOs, to farmers, to cab drivers, to bakers, this book offers up something for everyone. Thanks to Terkel, you'll feel: -Happier with your work -More secure in your confidence -Less overburdened with stress -More Important- your work really does matter! Say au revoir to the ennui once and for all. "This book helped me come to terms with stressful nature of knowing I'm trapped in a stressful job I didn't really want." - Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
On the Nature of Things by Lucretius “But if one should guide his life by true principles, man's greatest wealth is to live on a little with contented mind; for a little is never lacking.” Make your mind content! Stop stressing! Keep calm and live on! In this incredible work, Lucretius brings the best advice to help you get out of your slump of depression. Feeling stressed out? Unconnected to the world around you? Reconnect with the revolutionary principle of Attoraxia. Find peace and tranquility in the world around you. Don't worry, be happy-and experience Attoraxia. With Lucretius' work, you'll learn to revolutionize the way you live. You'll learn how to move past the hectic world we live in today, and to find peace in the universe. You'll reach a new level of discipline you never thought possible. Find tranquility in new places by exploring the universe. Lucretius takes the reader on a journey through realms they've never experienced before. On this journey you will learn to free your self from anxiety and other emotional disturbances. You'll come away with a calmer mind, body, and soul. "Attoraxia is incredible. It is the most wonderful state I've ever experienced. Even better than Scientology!" - Tom Cruise
The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan “Gradually, without seeing it clearly for quite a while, I came to realize that something is very wrong with the way American women are trying to live their lives today.” For the modern woman feeling unhappy with the role society has cast for them- Betty Friedan brings this revolutionary work. Do you find yourself wishing you had waited to marry and have kids? Do you feel like you missed out on opportunities? Are you sick of men making all of your decisions? Are you angry that you had to give up a career in favor of children? Learn that you're not alone in feeling so down! Betty Friedan shows us that women all over the country are feeling the same way. Friedan puts a finger on this "problem with no name." She is here to tell you that it's ok and it's not your fault. Learn: -Why you feel so dissatisfied -There are countless others feeling the same way -The roots of your discontent -How to break the mold -How to truly find fulfillment Read real stories from real women just like you. With this work, Betty Friedan tells us, "I'm Every Woman!" Finally, an author who's not afraid to point out just how much life can suck for women. Frieden opens our eyes and empowers us at the same time."-Lena Dunham
A Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft “Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience.” Are you tired of living in a man's world? Have you been told you don't need an education? Do you wish that, for once, you could make all of your own decisions? Mary Wollstonecraft is here to tell you that you deserve better! In this incredible work, Wollstonecraft pulls the rug out from under male-dominated society. She fearlessly asserts that women are not weak, but strong. This strength, she teaches us, needs to be encouraged through education and liberation. This book will: -Empower you! -Remind you that you are just as important as a man! -Show you that you have influence! -and most importantly it will teach you to use that influence! "This book reminded me that, as a woman, I already have all the power I need, I just need to use it. " -Angelina Jolie
The Most Human Human by Brian Christian “Existence without essence is very stressful...and if you’re just operating by habit, then you’re not really living." In today's day and age, people are feeling less connected than ever. Staring at computer screens all day has left humanity less human than ever. Do you find yourself sitting in front of a computer until your eyes hurt? Do you notice text abbreviations like "lol" slipping out in conversation? Do you find that you would rather communicate from behind a keyboard than face to face? If all of this describes you, then you have found the perfect book! Read on to stop being a robot once and for all! After reading Brian Christian's wonderful work "The Most Human Human," you will find yourself reminded of what it truly means to be alive. Re-educate yourself on how to: -Carry on a conversation without the use of technology -Show your personality -Express your feelings to a person, rather than a computer "This truly remarkable book caused me to realize that I am actually a real person!" - Kanye West
The Histories by Herodotus “If anyone, no matter who, were given the opportunity of choosing from amongst all the nations in the world the set of beliefs which he thought best, he would inevitably—after careful considerations of their relative merits—choose that of his own country. Everyone without exception believes his own native customs, and the religion he was brought up in, to be the best.” You're culture may be the best to you, but don't let that get you into trouble! Learn to understand cultures other than your own and never offend a stranger's culture again! For the person who's ever felt confused by someone else's behavior, Herodotus offers up this remarkable work. Become a more effective leader and communicator by studying the cultures of the world. You'll learn about countless other cultures, and what it is that makes each one unique. Even more importantly, you'll learn how to bridge the gaps between the cultures. Herodotus shows the reader the importance of observing other cultures. He then shows us how to use observations to draw conclusions about cultures that seem strange and foreign. Even more important than the specifics there are to learn about cultures, Herodotus shows us that through careful studying, we can become better diplomats. Through your education on cultural differences, you'll be a stronger, more respectable leader. "After reading this amazing piece of literature, even I feel informed about other cultures." -Donald Trump
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