These paintings all share the dominate color blue, giving them a peaceful, calming, tranquil feeling.                        By Meghan Driscoll

Maremoto's painting reminds me of waves and the soothing ocean. The different shades of blue mix into a feeling of movement. I picked this photo because it made me feel relaxed and at peace.
I picked Starry Night because it was the first blue painting that popped into my head making this list. The sky's swirls of blue are whimsical, casting a feel of night and peace across the town.
Kupka's The Cathedral has delicate trickles of blue making their way down, making me pick this "stained glass" looking creation for this list. It's blue is, again, peaceful and calming.
The blue in this photo adds to the serene atmosphere, making me add Lopez's work to this gallery. The woman looks peaceful, calm and at rest.
Kroyer's calming beach atmosphere is possible from his blue color choices. Even the layers underneath the sand and shadows are a faint hint of blue. This serene environment look so peaceful.
Monet's known for some of his blue pieces, and I picked his famous Cathedral painting for it's moody atmosphere. I feel this painting is calm and peaceful- like Paris in the rain.
I picked Hassam's piece for it's serene, snowy atmosphere. The blues make it feel peaceful in the snow or winter rain.
The blue in this painting has another calm feeling, like a theatre after it's all empty. I chose to add this to the gallery as the blue is not only the background but details in the figures as well.
I added this painting as the blue creates a wild feeling, still giving a tranquil and almost transcended atmosphere. The light and dark blues add a mystical, magical feeling.
This picture just sets the perfect atmosphere of comfort, relaxing, and calm. The blue atmosphere adds to the comfort of the figure on the couch. Altogether, this painting makes me feel relaxed.
The blue and grey O'Keeffe chose for this painting give me the feeling that water is pouring down. This moody, blue atmosphere feels serene and at peace while still leaving the viewer's mind open.
This second O'Keefe painting feels like a baby curled up inside it's mother's womb. This atmosphere is peaceful, untouched and tranquil; giving the viewer a feeling of safety.
The quiet, calm atmosphere in McNeill's paining is definitely from the grey blues in the entire composition. The blues give this painting a feeling of silence and peace.
I picked this painting because it would be the most relaxing place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. The blue creates a very serene feeling, adding an environment of calm and relaxation.
This blue woman looks so peaceful as she holds the flowers before her. The blues give this painting another feeling of tranquility, peace and calm.
The figure in this blue painting is literally relaxing! The blue waves before her add to this tranquil atmosphere, giving a feeling of a cool, calm and enjoyable day.
BONUS PAINTING!! And another ocean as well. I added this other Kroyer painting because the blues just again felt like they were melting away the stress. The painting is relaxing, serene and calming.
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