I like this because it's so simple but it looks so complex. It just show how easy art can be, sometimes...
I LOVE this because of the colour contrast, it looks really bright and vibrant against the other colours.
I like this because it looks like an evil beast which could jump out. I also like it because there is a shadow so it kind of looks like it's coming of the wall.
I like this because it is kind of themed of a game and all of the shapes are 3D. It also refelects of my personality.
This is so random, thats why I like it; it has everything. Also it isn't perfect so it kind of fits in because not everythings perfect.
I really the fact that it is really creative, who would think to draw a hammerhead shark with arms and clothes?
Now, if this doesn't look fierce to you, What will! It's of a flaming lion roaring! I like the fact that it chows the makers personality, also because it's very creative. SO MAJESTIC
I love this, mainly because if fits into my personality. It's randomness. I may have said that in a different one but this is cartoon randomness, the best type of art there is!
I really like this because everything's perfect and everything fits in. Also because of all of the patterns. I wonder what inspiration the artist had!
Well I saved the most street arty for last, this is the generic definition of street art. It has the curvy but strait design. Thats why I love street art!
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