a splash of water

This exhibition is show casing water. I chose water because water can be depicted in many ways then just a puddle or drop.This exhibition is show casing water. I chose the theme water because water can be depicted in many ways then just a puddle or drop. In many of these artworks water isn't the only aspect there are people, chairs and other objects. This can give the artwork more understanding as the piece placed in a certain area of that artwork tells a story and gives more meaning to the title. My selected artworks relate to each other because they all have a sense of the calm side of the beach and the rough side. I have put them in a sequence where there is an object placed together with the water and when the water is on its own. When the object is paired with the artwork for instance the pile of chairs in “Time memory and existence “ It could  give the viewer of the artwork an idea that the chairs can symbolise the time spend at the beach and each chair symbolising a memory at that time when the beach was calm and peaceful. In the individual artworks were only water or waves is shown like “Mid Ocean” it could give the audience member an idea of the waves crashing at the beach when it isn't so calm but more rough. I chose to show the more rough side to the beach at the beginning of the exhibition because towards the end is the more serine, calm area of the beach and at the end of the exhibition you should take it all in and remember the calmer side to the ‘water’.

Celacanto Provoca Maremoto by Adriana Varajao shows the water in the form of waves and a womans head popping out throughout the artwork.This artwork may have a person to show her swimming in the waves.Having this artworks on a tile like material makes it look more interesting. This artwork showcases the structural frame
This artwork showcases the cultural frame
This art work showcases the subjective frame
This artwork showcases the post modern frame
Credits: All media
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