The most sacred place-michael Houston

This gallery includes representations of how churches were viewed by the people, and their importance to their country and community through paintings, sculpture, and other mediums through time. 

In this picture, the artist/architect gave great movement in this design. The focal point of the church makes your eyes move upwards and follow the texture and lines of the church. The artist/architect gave great balance when creating this piece.
In this painting of the Pantheon, artist Panini uses a great color scheme. He shows movement through the people inside the Pantheon as they walk through the temple. Panini also used a circle of white light which makes you move your eyes around the walls and up to the top, where there is an opening to let light in from the heavens above.
In this painting, the artist gave movement and a balanced color scheme. The artist made the Cathedral look a lot bigger than what it is by making the Cathedral look as if it was part of of the rock/hill it sits upon, do to the use of dark color there. It has good balance, and also gives you the feeling of Power and wealth.
In this photograph, the artist gave great movement, and makes you think about what the real focus of this photograph is. The main focus is not of the church thats already built, but of the church thats being built right below it. They said it was a metaphor to show the sprouting of a new church from under the existing church.
In this photograph of the Church of St. Mark in Venice, you can see that this church held a lot of power in this city. The photographer gives almost a full view of this church. The design of this church makes your eyes move around the entire photograph. The forms of the roof shows the depth and time put into this church.
This Cathedral is also in a Gothic style, and is one of the biggest of its time. The architect gave good balance when he used two steeples instead of one. By the steeples being so high, it makes your eyes move to the top, which creates the movement.
This photograph shows nothing but power and wealth and lets the viewer know that this church is numero uno. This church is the mother of all churches, and has a great balance and form. The architect makes the viewers eyes rise up and down, and side to side of the entire building. The top of the church is aligned with the 12 apostles.
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