Megan Herzog

History majority from America and some from South Wales they are mainly photographs but there are a couple of paintings in the gallery the photos an paintings are mainly military but there are two Apollo moon landing photos towards the end of the gallery as well as a Selma to Montgomery march photo.

This photo contains somewhat graphic imagery from the Battle of Gettysburg and the slaughter that happened there. This photo shows two soldiers dead after the battle and it is unclear which side they were on.
This Imagery is a after a battle type of scene you can see overturned carts and deceased horses and there seems to be bags of cargo laying across the trail.
This art piece is a water color painting of an unknown soldiers grave in South Wales. The artwork reflects my theme because of the militaristic background for example the submarines and ships in the background.
Some sailors watch the destruction that the Japanese caused during the attack on pearl harbor on December 7, 1941. I chose this photo because my Great Grandfather survived the Japanese attack in pearl harbor.
I chose this photo because it shows the magnitude of the fleet of US ships and sailors that were at pearl harbor during the attack you can clearly see the streaks of the torpedoes moving through the water.
I chose this painting because it shows how many planes could’ve possibly been used on D-Day and the little glimpses of a city show how close the war was to innocent civilians.
I chose this painting because it represents the amount of planning a military operation needs to be effective. As well as the coloring of the painting was quite interesting to me, and how the soldiers were faceless was also interesting.
I chose this photo because of the mans face and how the shadowing and the flag add the dramatic effect to his facial expression of what seems to be a mix of fear and sadness as he is either marching or preparing to march.
I chose this photo because it truly shows how we as a country have come so far and being able to see the other astronaut in the helmet visor is stunning and shows how the space program started off.
I chose this photo because of the history behind it that flag symbolizes dreamers and hope because the space program was full of dreamers who wanted to get people on the moon and in space.
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