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In this gallery, we house our collection of many photographs. There are six in total and they range from the 1860's all the way to the 1970's. Many of the pieces are from the United States. My favorite photograph is Miss I Wilkinson [ Robyn Hyde] by Spencer Digby.

I feel that this photograph was shot in an ideal location. While the photograph is black and white it leaves a lot of ideas to the imaginations regarding color
I really enjoy viewing this photograph. My mind begins to wander about what was going on during this time and could this have been the first time President Roosevelt ever saw a camera.
This is a very interesting piece. I love how Kertesz uses shadow depicts another scene.
While looking at this photograph I was intrigued. It impresses me how an artist is able to create so much detail out of a simple thing such as rice.
This portrait is my favorite photograph of the collection. I love how Digby was able to show such emotion on the woman's face in both photographs.
I enjoy looking at this photograph, it really brings out the style of the car as well as shows the beauty of the era.
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