Colors and the shapes they make 

I went with colors. The reason why is colors are very important to a painting they create depth, emotions, shading, texture etc... I could see how colors take on these roles in the painting I shared. I hope you enjoy.

This is a painting Birger Sandzen has done. I enjoy this picture for use of colors he use to show depth in the levels of the mountains. He leaves the texture of the brush strokes on the picture showing pattern and rhythm.
This painting is done by Claude Monet. Claude has use light values of colors to give depth in the details of the tower, like the arch windows and doorway. The colors blend in together great to show the shapes in the building. He also shows how tall this building is by drawing 3 tiny people at the ground of the painting.
This painting is by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The use of color in this painting is done by long brush strokes with calming colors looks a little washed. The colors are flushed into each other identifying the background from the girl.
This painting is by Camille Pissaro. She did this with small dots like painting strokes. She was able to outline the color saturation with the shadow from the tree. Light and dark colors show the viewers the contrasting placement.
This is from George Seurat his use of colors is amazing the way the texture contrasting use of light and dark to show the shade of the trees. The poses of the characters give you a feeling of movement.
This is Robert Spencer the way he used the color to create the shape of the tree is with his brush strokes. The strokes give movement and a rhythmic pattern.
Aleksander Kumric is the artist of this painting his use of colors in this is to show depth. This painting also shows movement.
This is by Alan Moore his use of colors is dark and dead. He use color to form the shape of the dead skeletal he also forms a man standing among the dead bodies.
This is by Vincent van Gough his use of color give this a sense of movement life. Color placement and paint strokes gives the form and shapes.
His is by Henri Matisse the color use is this painting the texture outlines the ship and the land giving a little depth of field.
This is by George J Stengel this painting shows movement and also a reflection the artist did a great job on this painting gives the river a highly reflective look and feel.
This is a painting by Raul Gonzalez he has use the colors to symbolize music. he has also used colors to show a crowd and what it seems to be the black panthers. The sky is a little gloomy representing the feeling of this time.
This is by Nadel Arno show also is representing music with th music notes and outlined colors to show a man relaxing listening to the music. her use of colors are simple a little faded but it seems like he is moving in the painting.
This was done by Maxwell Taylor the colors in this is more of a abstract piece of art the shapes are well defined. there are 3 main colors that stick out in this picture blue, gold, yellow. This is also the feeling of music.
This is done by Edward Burra the colors are uniformed every thing in this painting is cohesive the band is wearing the same color the stands are the same the background shifts given a feel of 80's this is a period piece.
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