A contrast in nature - Andrew Sherman

A look at nature themed works of art that use contrasting colors and elements; all art is from Japan.

In this piece we see a single image placed across multiple panels. As we can see by the title the animals in the painting are foxes and a dog. While the dog seems to be alone, the foxes play as we see a contrast in different attributes of animals. As if to focus on this contrast, the artist placed a large open space between the two subjects to emphasis their difference and separate from one another.
In this piece we see that it is ink on silk, and the artist uses the fabric to their advantage when working around the color of the fabric. Although the subjects are small, they are easy to identify and their details really pop out and become noticeable. We see the detail because of the color contrast between the background and the birds, as well as the use of black to highlight outlines and wings.
In this oil painting we can see the artist went to great lengths to create the different layers in this painting. By using contrasting focuses and color intensities we can easily and quickly identify the layers that make up this work of art. By using sharp details and brighter colors in the foreground it is easier to the depth of the painting.
I was immediately drawn to this painting because of its use of black and white and cross strokes. Although this picture lacks a lot of color, the yellow sky and sunshine in the background really pop and give warm to this piece despite its cold and somber appearance. This shows us just another way to use contrasts in nature .
Just like the last piece, this painting is massive and stretches over multiple panels to create a sprawling aerial view. Although the proportions are distorted the contrast of the ocean on the pedals of the cherry blossoms really makes this a relaxing and beautiful painting that could cover an entire wall of a home.
I included this image low fog passing through the mountains and foothills in Japan. Done in black and white this image obviously has color contrasting, however i like this because you get two paintings in one. The inclusion of a second piece helps us as viewers see the contrast between these two similar locations.
I just thought this was an awesome painting because of how it contrasts from the other artworks in this gallery. Most of the other works are in black and white, however this needed color to make it work. As we can see the sun has set jus under the moon due to the brighter orange above the waterfall.
Credits: All media
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