Favorite Perspectives

I always like perspective in art. For me its about capture the right angle to explain

I love looking each of these. Looking at all possible perspective is amazing. like into a chrome baring or a water droplet.
I like this one because it trying to play a trick on you. Is it two point? Three point? More?
I have been looking at Paul Cezanne work lately. His pieces defy logic. I'm suppose to look down at the bowl of fruit but the fruit itself is seems flat.
I Like Perspective. I like Red. All of these are awesome.
This is a one point perspective takes down a really twist path, following each building.
I love this because it moves in directions directions with such great scaling. Makes it feel massive and the detail is a win.
I like the thought of looking up and seeing angels dancing over my head. I also like the movement each character provides.
This cool how it plays with perspective. I really does like it coming out at you from another world.
I like the color play in this piece. It is a one point but the light gives you the depth of rooms and hall.
Another massive one point!! I like this one because it no easy to replicate with so many lines and arches.
a two point that feels very distant from the world. Inspires me to think of all the lost city stories or reminds of the wild west.
I think it is slight off for some reason. is it suppose to be slanted? Makes me want to research it.
I just love legos.
The colors brings your eyes to city immediately then across the water to the mountains and back . the choices yours eyes have to make.
It's simple.
Credits: All media
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