Space is the place  by: Matias Font

Space is an infinite vacuum full of the unknown. Since the early 1950's humans have been launching different things in space like satellites, animals, actual human beings. Space travel is no joke and these pictures allow everyone to see just how much rocket engineering and our knowledge of space has grown. 

In this photo, NASA's LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) goes to space along with the Apollo crew. The color of the LEM is almost the same as the Saturn V rocket behind it.
The Soyuz spacecraft from the Soviet Union is about to dock with the US apollo spacecraft for the first time in space. The perspective is from the window of the Apollo ship.
The Apollo 11 crew aboard the Saturn V rocket during launch. The value in this photo ranges from the dark arm holding the rocket, to the blinding flames spurring from the rocket.
The massive Saturn V rocket is seen leaving the launchpad at kennedy Space Center, holding the Apollo 11 crew. Due to the wide angle lens, the Rocket appears to be morphed and bent.
During Apollo 15, astronaut James B. Irwin is seen standing with the Lunar Module. The perspective allows you to see how big the LEM is compared to a normal sized human.
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is taking a space walk. The lighting from the sun in the back causes a dark shadow which blacks out the moon in front of him.
The module that malfunctioned causing the crew of Apollo 13 to swing around the moon using it's gravity in order to make it to Earth alive. The different shades of black and gray makes the detail pop.
This is Concept art of The Atlantis and an orbiter telescope. The shadows in the painting shows the sun is towards the left of the artwork.
This photo was taken in 1969 as astronauts Young and Collins are testing the preflight for the Gemini spacecraft. The wide angle lens makes the image appear roundish.
Picture of Earth from the Gemini Xi. It shows the our colorful "blue marble" through the window of the Gemini spacecraft.
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