Dinner For five

By: Isabella White

The White House's dining room is where we will be eating because two guests have lived in the White House, and the other two guests may live there soon. Menu: Texas Caviar & Tortilla Chips because Dwight Eisenhower is from Texas. For our entree we will be eating lobster from Maine because J.F.K. is from Maine. Garlic mashed potatoes will be served as a side dish because they are popular in Chicago, IL ,and Hilary Clinton is from there. Classic New York Cheesecake will be served for dessert because Donald Trump is from New York.
I invited Hilary Clinton because she is making history right now by running for president. At dinner I will ask Hilary, "If you became president, are you excited to be the first female president?"
I invited Donald Trump because he may become our new president. I will ask him, "Are you against Mexicans or people from different races?"
I invited J.F.K. because he is a previous president and did many things that helped our country. I will ask him "What was the most challenging thing you had to do in office?"
Dwight Eisenhower is invited because he is also a previous president that affected us and other countries. I will ask him "What do you wish that you could have done differently in office?"
The one question that I will ask everybody is "Is being president, or if you become president, the best thing that happen(s/d) to you?"
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