art is expensive

Artwork of any type involves great amount of time and high level of creative. Art is unique; art resonates a message perceived by the creator or artist, which cannot be altered or duplicated.

The Sassanian coin depicts valuable information about the Sassanian dynasty that ruled Iran from AD 224 until the coming of the Arabs in AD 651. Like in most countries where coins or bank notes contain information about past leaders, the Sassanian coin had information about each ruler, his religious affiliation, tribal group and duration of reign. The art has a unique pattern to the Iranian culture.
There is not much information on this piece of art even after a thorough research everywhere at The Museum of Islamic Art, but however, from the inscription, this piece of art might have been made in the region of Central Asia, and because of its Arabic style, it's much affiliated with Islam. The cup itself is made in gold, which indicates, a very precious item for rulers. The spatial perspective of the artifact indicates its region of origin.
The artifact is a true masterpiece of precious art. Although there is no known artist, it's believed to have been collected from Turkey, and was made around 1600 to 1610. From the artwork, we see an angry leopard chained, and from the history of Turkey, the leopard might reflects the interest of the Ottoman's court in animals. The artistic placement of objects, the texture and color distinction give the artwork a visual attraction.
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