Art and culture by: Eason

Arts back from the Colonial times about more than 200 years ago.

The Powder Horn carried in the Revolutionary War holding gun powder that the soldiers used. This was valued for carrying gun powder. The materials needed were cow or buffalo horns that are hollow in the inside.
The Quill Pen is used to write letters to family or friends or write documents. This was valued because when you where writing an urgent letter. The type of art is from birds, The materials needed are feathers.
Hornbooks were used to teach children how to read so they can read the bible. Books cost to much so they brought Hornbooks and were valued for that. The materials are wood, paper, and cow horn.
Pomanders were used to decorate a house and take away bad odors in a house in the old times. This item was valued because it took away bad odor in a house. The materials are apples or oranges. Also cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg,powdered/ground orris root.
Maps were used in war, hiking, and traveling and seeing the areas and whats there. Maps are valued because if they were lost they would use a map. The materials were laid paper and engraving.
Silver was used in many ways like picking up and holding food. That is a spoon. The item to the left holds sugar. These items were valued because they were used in many ways to help the person. The materials are silver.
These weapons were used in the revolutionary war to shoot people. This was valued because the if the colonists didn't have weapons, how would they fight. The materials to make these weapons is brass, walnut or wood, steel, and iron.
Colony paper money was used to buy food and other stuff like cloths, tea, and paper. This was valued because money was low and they had to have taxes from the Parliament. The materials needed are laid paper with black engravings in it.
Rag Dolls were used so that girls can learn sewing skills. these were valued for girls so they could learn many skills. The materials needed are fabric and thats it.
Colonial currency was used to to buy things you need and in Virginia. To help your taxes. This was valued because it helped many people from using money. The materials needed are laid paper with black engravings.
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