The Art of a teenager's interest

A collection of art that piqued the curiosity of a teenager with an assignment by Brian Keane

I chose this piece because I have personally seen how one makes sculpture out of glass, and I appreciate and respect the amazing amount of talent it takes to create something of such detail.
I chose this piece because the center of the sculpture appears to have a face, almost cartoon like. It almost creates an illusion to the viewer, which caused it to stand out from the others.
I chose this because it depicts not simply an animal, but an animal in its natural habitat. It shows the porpoises swimming and diving, as if they were alive and moving, not just a sculpture of a mammal.
This piece represents an interesting time for America. It is supposed to be an empty LSD capsule, and is covered in the American flag to almost poke fun at the idea that the government does not support the use of LSD.
This is a more modern sculpture. I chose this one because it depicts something not usually displayed in forms of art, which is a disease or virus. The virus has such a delicate and detailed make up that it seems to be art on its own.
This photograph was chosen because it depicts a scene from the war that most of us civilians never get to see. It is not the country's vision of war, it is simply the step by step routine of someone actually fighting the war.
I chose this picture simply because the title calls the three men "chefs", but anyone who heard the word "chef" today would undoubtedly not think of this scene or picture these men to look the way they do.
This photo displays a submarine in the harbor, and i picked it for the sole reason that the submarine looks intimidating and basically just interesting to the eye.
Two survivors of an attack are displayed in this photograph. I chose this because the emotion and fatigue of the two survivors is blatantly apparent to me in their faces, as if their appearance could tell a story.
Another picture of the war behind the lines and away from political influence. This Major is signaling an Officer. No guns shot, bombs exploded, nothing. Just an important part of the boring side to war.
The only oil painting I chose that is not of a president. I chose this painting because of the man's facial expression. He seems interested but confused, and he reminded me of Laurel and Hardy.
One of the most influential and important people of our country. I chose George Washington because he is a timeless figure, and is depicted as how he wanted to be remembered: smart, compelling, and respectful.
The president during some of the toughest times for NYC. He helped clean up the streets. His pose is much different from George Washington's, which helps represent the different times and ideas.
Nothing truly eye catching about this painting, yet I included this piece because his poise, posture, and facial expression caused me to keep looking. He seems very stiff, and appears tired of posing.
One of the most powerful speakers I have ever heard, I had to include Ronald Reagan. He appears to be 100% American in this picture, wearing the "working man" blue jeans and has his shirt tucked in.
Credits: All media
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