This gallery includes representation of Greek sculptures. In this gallery Greek gods and art pieces are showcased. The reason for this is Greek gods were looked up to and many art pieces were regarded highly. This gallery deals with focus and lines.

The statue of a Greek god hero depicts a naked man with cloth around his next as well around his right arm. The man appears to be happy as he is looking to his left as he can see his future ahead of him. The formal element that is the most important thing is line. The lines from the face are not too thick of lines, but the two lines on his neck that shape a v brings the viewer down his body to see his lower body. The lines help bring this piece together from the abs to the details in the face. The principles of design for this piece are emphasis. The focus of the art piece is the man so the detail in the face and body leave the viewer looking at all of him instead of just part of him.
The statue of Hercules depicts Hercules cutting Hydra’s head and holding Hydra in his hands with his sword. Hercules is naked with only a sword in hand and his expression on his face is calm. The principle of design for this piece is focus as Hercules is killing Hydra the viewers eyes go to the part of the image were the action is taking place. The formal element in this piece is lines. Hercules has sharp lines all over his body, but when we start at his head our eyes tend to follow the lines that make it down to his arms then the sword he is carrying. When our eyes get to the sword we see Hydra getting killed
The statue of the Greek goddess Nike depicts her looking up to something with her left hand reaching out to grab it. Nike is fully covered in this image. The formal elements in this image are lines. The lines that are shaped in Nike’s dress lead the viewer up her up body and follow the lines from her right arm to her left arm that is reaching out. The principle of design for this piece is focus. Our eyes are drawn to Nike’s left hand that is reaching out. It leaves the viewer wondering what he is reaching out for. The artist does this by having her left arm in the air while her right arm is lower. It leads the eyes following the lines to the focus of the image, which is her left hand.
The statue of the Meleager, Mythical hunter depicts Meleager standing with a spear he is holding. Next to him on his lower right is a dog looking up to him. Meleager is looking to his right as if he’s looking out into the distance. The spear he holds is as tall as Meleager. The formal element in this piece is lines. The lines in this piece from the head of the man draw the viewers down his shoulders and then to the dog sitting on the ground. The principle of design is focus. The focus for this piece is the dog and the spear that Meleager is holding. The reason for this is the lines in the image lead the viewer around to the right side of the image where we see the spear and the dog.
The statue of the “Budapest Dancer” depicts a lady appearing to be in mid motion of a dance move. The girl in this image is holding her dress with her right arm and holding it up what appears to be her left hand that is clearly missing here. The girl is looking down as she could be adjusting her outfit as she’s dancing. The formal element in this piece is lines. The lines in the artwork are everywhere. The lines in the dress go in several directions. The lines help add layers to the dress. The principle of design is focus. The focus is the movement of the dress as the lady is looking down as if she is moving her body in a dance motion.
The statue of the Athlete man depicts what a man looked like who did sports in Greek. The man is in pretty good shape for someone who does sport events. It appears the man is holding something in his two hands, but that piece appears to be missing here. The formal element in this piece is lines. The lines in this image are shaped from the mans shoulders down to the feet of the man. The lines lead the viewer’s eyes around the artwork. The principle of design is focus. The focus of this image is the item that was once in the mans hands. The viewer’s eyes go straight to the missing piece as the hands are like pointing at this piece that should have been here.
The statue of Diana the Huntress depicts Diana is mid motion running forward with a large arrow in her hands. Her facial features show a serious Diana whom is on the hunt. The formal element is lines. The lines from the arrow lead down to Diana’s shoulder and to her face which gives the viewer a insight in what Diana is thinking. The principle of design is focus. The focus is the large arrow in Diana’s hands. The eyes of the viewer go there first because it’s centered in the middle and the lines around Diana lead the view to the arrow.
The statue of two heads of the Parthenon depicts a man with his arm around his head. The man is seen looking out to his left like he’s watching someone near him. Formal element is lines. The lines from the arm behind the head of the man follow nicely down the mans beard. The beard then leads the lines to the mans facial reaction. The principle of design is focus. The focus is the mans reaction to whatever he is looking at to his left. The lines lead to the face and make the viewer look closely to understand the way the man appears. He looks concerned with what is going on by him.
The statue of Venus with the Apple depicts Venus holding a apple in her hand while holding onto cloths in her right hand. Venus looks at the apple with cheery expression. The formal element is lines. The lines in this image start from the cloths in her right man. There are many lines done here to help lead the viewer up the arm and then to the apple in her hand. The principle of design is focus. The focus is the apple in Venus’s hand. The image leads itself from the head looking at it to the way the body is shaped to lead the viewer to the apple and see it’s important to see.
The statue of Zeus depicts Zeus preparing to throw a lighting bolt at his target. With his right arm he arms where he may throw the lighting bolt. He balances himself with his right leg bent a little so the balance of body is in the right position. Zeus looks happy from his facial reaction. The formal element is lines. The lines of the body make it appear Zeus is slowly moving forward. The lines then lead the viewer to the large lighting bolt in the hand of Zeus. The principle of design is focus. The focus of the piece is the lighting bolt as it’s the biggest item in the image and it leaves the viewer awaiting Zeus to throw the bolt forward at any moment.
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