Warm Colors

These are works of art that I enjoy that utilize warm colors.

I think that this painting depicts the chaos of Pompeii very well, and I think that despite the bitterness of the subject, the painting still manages to be beautiful.
Honestly, I'm not sure why I like this painting. I think that the colors are really beautiful, but then there's a dead guy in the center, which is kind of strange.
I think this painting has a little more depth than a volcanic eruption. To me, I kind of see it as a heaven/hell situation. Because to the right are beautiful, cool colors but then there's warm colors that show the chaos of the eruption.
I love Italy, I think that it's so beautiful, but then there's this painting of Venice that somehow makes it seem more beautiful, which I think is amazing.
I like that all of the colors are basically brown or gray but then there's the one splotch of red/pink that shows the eruption.
I like pac man and I like art, I don't think there's a much better explanation for why I like it.
I'm a big fan of murals and street art, and I think that this particular one is colored in a really unique way, with the swatches instead of solid color.
I think that this one is so interesting because of all the green, but the main focus of the piece is the red umbrella (which is why it's in the warm gallery).
The different variations of red really make this picture so interesting, because all of the people are wearing robes with a slightly different shade of red.
I just really love the colors of this one, there are so many!
This painting kind of looks like an elementary school art project, but I think it's the simplicity that makes the piece so appealing.
The Scream is a classic painting, I love the split of warm and cool colors and the ~swirly~ appearance of it.
The story of the Oracle of Delphi is one of my favorite stories from Greek Mythology, so naturally I like a painting of the oracle.
Honestly I really like this painting because it has camels.
The variety of colors in this painting make is really nice to look at, as well as the different textures of the rocks and water.
The colors in this painting are really bright and beautiful, especially the pink-ish dress, but her face looks very sad, which kind of drew me to it.
I like the vibrance of the colors in this piece, because there is such a contrast between the colors and the woman's hair.
This painting is very confusing as to what I'm looking at, which I like. I can see a face, but I don't know what the face is. I like how the painting is kind of open to interpretation.
This painting reminds me of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, one of my favorite movies as a kid, so I think that's why I like it.
Banksy's art is always so interesting, and I really like the way this piece is done with the crayon house and then the more realistic people.
Florida can be such a beautiful state in places like this, with the water and the trees. I really like the depiction of the beautiful part of Florida in this painting.
I really like the way that this painting seems to have two dimensions, because it looks almost as if the angel is in front of a wall with wings painted on it, and I think that's really cool.
I really like to look at old portraits, because the subjects are always dressed so nicely and I like to look at the clothes that they wear and how they reflect the time the painting was done.