vlad guzman shape gallery

This piece is non-objective. It seems that Roberto Matta has a heavy use of shapes that I cannot seem to put out very well. I get that it is there, but I cannot make much out of it. I simply see various types of shapes.
This is is a great representation of geometric shapes. It fills this category of definition because it uses many rectangular type aspects (and that's what it is mostly composed of), but a person can also see the use of the circle, this making the use of shapes diverse.
A more mature piece, this one is more upfront than most of the found pieces in this gallery. It is representational, because we see the work of art for what it is. It's just a nude woman reading (only if one thinks about it without going into greater detail)
Under the Wave off Kanagawa, one can see that Hokusai has a heavy use of curvilinear shapes. The violent look of the waves shows the real emotion of this nature. The ferocity of the curve is what brings this piece to life.
This piece connects to the natural world because it is organic. What makes it match such a characteristic is the use of the dog, because organic pieces of art usually include plants and in this case, an animal. The human is simply a plus one.
Gutave Caillebotte's work of art is all about perspective, to which one would match it with positive/negative space. That which is positive in this piece are the people that we see the closest. Everything behind them (other people, the buildings) becomes negative.
The Upstairs by Charles Sheeler is a simple of example of rectilinear shapes. For obvious reasons, the rectangular shapes are the the stairs. There isn't so much complexion, because the main focus is what we see right away.
This piece has a good use of low definition shapes. While there some high definition qualities, that which is its opposite is van Gogh's torso and the background. These two parts of this self portrait are not so sharp. Rather, they have a fuzzy feel.
This is an abstract piece. One can obviously see that the piece is about weeds, but do not see it as clearly as they would in a representational piece. The reality is taken and has a trippy vibe added to it.
This piece is purely high definition. Everything about it isn't so blurry, but rather it is very sharp. Everything connects fine, and the quality has a very good resolution to it.