Principle of Balance

this piece could be considered asymmetrical because the elements on each side are not the same
the elements in this piece are not the same on the left as they are on the right, making this piece asymmetrically balanced.  however, there are "visual weights" on each side, such as the crosses and the angel wings
although the piece as a whole is more asymmetrical, each leaf is symmetrically balanced
This piece is radially balanced, as the elements repeat from side to side and top to bottom, all "equidistant from the center"
if this elegant piece was to be cut in half, the halves would be the same--symmetrically balanced
the human body, when cut in half, has nearly equal halves, and is, therefore, symmetrically balanced
this piece of artwork is symmetrically balanced because each side, when cut in half, would be the same
this piece contains symmetrical balance, as it is the same (aside from words) on both sides if cut in half
This piece of art is symmetrically balanced as, if it was to be cut in half, the left and the right sides would be the same
Although human bodies are generally depicted as symmetrical, this piece is asymmetrical.  When cut in half, the sides are not equal, but there are visual weights on each side, such as the colors on the left ad the top of the black hat on the right
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