lines used in art

These pictures in the gallery are representing types of lines. 

the lines used to create the ship are very intricate. so detailed and well drawn. the used thick and thin lines and they used them very well to create the upper part of the ship
this picture reminds me of one of the first drawing we did here, it looks like they are popping out of the picture. it uses a lot of cross contour
This Picture uses foreground middle ground and background with variations of thick of thin lines
This artist uses nothing but lines and black ink. there is noting else to it. To create this face they just used very easy brush strokes
You can tell in this painting that this artist starts from one area and uses that point to draw lines out to create that swirling picture.
Very simple and abstract. It resembles a house thats empty, it dosent look like someone put a lot of work into it but it looks like its one continuous line
This painting uses lines to create the coat the person is wearing. You can see each individual line that the person drew to create the picture
This picture has a good example of shading. It goes from light to really dark using a zig zag line. even when it gradually moves from light to dark you can still see the zig zag through the darkness
This Painting is only lines, they are not just straight lines they are different types. Some are more curved than others and they are different colors but instead of lines creating a picture its just different lines
This picture represents thick and thin lines creating the look of a woman. these lines are very simple and don't have much definition.
Credits: All media
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