Water Gallery - Chelsea Brady

The theme you will see in this delightful exhibition is water all around the world. This exhibition is all about water, the way it is used by people every day and the way it is seen in the world.

These artworks are all made in different stages in time, they are all created by different artist, and all the artworks are made by different methods and are produced by a variety of different materials.

The reason why i chose water to be my theme for this exhibition is because water is something common and well known all around the world by different people. It is used for many different reasons and is such a beautiful creation that we sometimes take for granted, not realising how much we use it in everyday life.  Water is such a useful resource not only by human beings, but by other living things such as the wildlife in the world, that depend on water to survive.

Most of these wonderful artworks that i have chosen fit into my theme as they all relate to water. They all represent water, how they have a different meaning towards what they think water is like all around the world and how it is depicted in the artwork. For example, one of these artworks that fit into my theme of Water is War in Hawaiian Water. Japanese Torpedoes Attack Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor. This artwork fits my theme because the photo is showing us the water that surrounds another Country. Through the photo, it is telling us about how people are using the water all around the world in different ways, even if it is not always good and the right way to what we think, how we should use water. 

Structural Frame
Post Modern Frame
Subjective Frame
Cultural Frame
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