Patricia Gould, SBU Clare 209 Sum 2 Photographs

An Assortment of Photographs and my personal take on each piece

This picture caught my attention because it reminded me of an old gothic horror film. I pictured the man in this photograph (clearly the focal point of the painting due to his darker appearance in comparison to the rest of the sepia-toned photograph) as Dracula... especially with the photograph titled "The Vampire." I also found the architecture of the building quite fascinating due to its beautifully sculpted stonework. In regards to form, this photograph is special because there is so much going on in the photograph (the city below, the extravagant building, the huge sculpture, the dark-clothed man), and yet the entire piece works together to tell a story about this "vampire" whoever or whatever it is. The stone railing does a magnificent job of pointing the eye towards the subject the photographer is trying to focus on: in my opinion, the man. It's a beautiful piece that deserves to be in a museum.        
 I love this picture because it reminds me of a classic American simply standing in miles of untouched land. The person in the picture doesn't exactly seem like she would be the center of this picture because she somewhat blends in with the fields (all but her head truly stands out) but the way the photographer portrays in the center of the photograph creates a wonderful balance between the sky and the fields and then her long, slender body is the perfect anchor to even out what is pictured. What I admire is that you cannot see her face, and therefore you cannot see her facial expression, but one can get a sense of how tired she may be with the lowered shoulders and the bent knee.      
This picture captured me instantly. The photographer makes a bold statement by directing the light on her, having her appear pale and frail, thus creating the effect that she is dying. What makes this picture more devastating that she is dying is the title of the picture "She Never Told Her Love," which I take to mean that she never told her love that she loved him before she dies. This photograph is plain, allowing the girl to be the focal point with no distractions in order to make the viewer focus on her face that has an expression of both sadness and pain.
 I find this photograph very amusing. The boy's face is the center of the picture, and his expression is pure disappointment. It is only when one notices the rest of the photograph (the hand pointed sternly) that the photograph is depicting a boy clearly getting in trouble and expressing a reaction that every one of us as children has expressed ourselves. The boys in the background create a "city boy" feeling of the photograph, indicating a bunch of boys just fooling around town! Great photograph.
This is another hilarious picture that I truly loved. The photograph gives off pure happiness with the joyful expression of the boy's face. I love the illusion of how the bottom half of the mother reaching into the stroller looks attached to the young boy's body due to the black and white coloring of the picture.
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