For my gallery I chose color as a visual theme and nature as the subject-based theme. I didn't create my title, it is the name of a movie but I thought it would be perfect for my gallery. Since I am a film student I like to incorporate movie titles where I can.

In this piece, it is showing a lake with the weeds around it. I chose this because of the color is a warm blue and it incorporates nature.
This looks like is the view from underwater looking up at the trees. It fits in with my theme of the color blue in nature.
This is showing a barn with warm and clear blue skies. I chose this, because the first thing I noticed was the warm blue color and it also contains nature.
This is showing a seascape near Les Saintes Maries de la Mer and is has a few sailboats. I chose this one because it incorporates the color blue and nature.
This piece shows a blossom tree with a warm blue background. I chose this one because it made me feel warm inside because of the color and the serene nature.
This piece is showing a beach with scattered clouds. I chose this piece and even though the blue isn't strong as the tan/brown it still is the first thing I noticed along with the amazing view.
This piece is depicting a bridge in Japan. I chose this because of the calm crystal blue water that mixes with the beautiful nature.
This is an unusual piece. I believe it is different textures creating a cliff with seems a photoshopped sky. I picked it because it does contain nature but the warm blue sky stood out for me.
This is showing a field of blue flowers and trees in the background. I chose this because I feel like I want to lay down in the blue flowers and enjoy the nature.
This is showing a boat on a calm lake or ocean with a mountain in the back. I chose this because of the color and the nature in the background. It fits the theme perfectly because of the warm blue.
Credits: All media
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