Design Principle

balance, contrast, emphasis/focal point, rhythm and pattern, scale and proportion, variety, unity

This is example of contrast where the woman appears to be wearing white in front, while in back, the woman is wearing a black dress. This may represent the woman pretending to be happy and putting a facade but behind the scenes, she is really unhappy.
This piece of art represents a distorted scale where the humans are able to carry a fish that is significantly bigger than them.
This piece of art is an example of variety through it's use of many different colors, many different lines and shapes, creating a very energetic piece of art.
This artwork is an example of conceptual unity. By placing nature and people together in the same portrait suggests many ideas. The people are interacting amongst themselves, but they are also interacting with nature - enjoying their scenery of the birds, trees, and water. 
This is an example of rhythm where each of the repeating elements - columns, arches, and voussoirs - creating its own simple rhythm.
This structure is an example of pattern. The pillars and arcs repeat many times over, resulting in the creation of a pattern and of a structure.
The Blinding of Samson is an example of emphasis/focal point. The soldier wearing red is one focal point whose spear serves as a directional line to Samson. In addition, everyone's attention is on Samson, trying to hold him down.Creating a dramatic scene.
This portrait is symmetrically balanced because if he was cut in half, each side would look nearly exactly the same.
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