"Every age projects its own images into its art." During the Rococo art period (c.1700-1789). There were many important characteristics of the time period such as the use of pastels, lighter, airy colors. This period was less formal in comparison to the Baroque period and was typically on a smaller scale. Also during this time there was an increased focus on nobles and the artwork portrayed a "never-never world" type of view. There was also an increase in participation and patronage in the arts during this period where they characterized more ornate and fuzzy painting styles. The Enlightenment (c.1700-1800)  was a great influence on the Rococo Art period. Two artists captured in this art gallery that have had an excessive amount of influences on the time were William Hogarth and Jean-Honore Fragonard. 

In this painting by Fragonard he captures the use of lighter more vibrant pastel colors. Also it does show the use of dark colors in and around the main focus of the painting in order to make them stand out against the background.
in this painting Fragonard depicts a couple of women and children. As he shows these people he uses lighter pastel colors to define the women, children and dogs. He also uses darker pastels to make the foreground of the painting stand out. Fragonard portrays very realistic values throughout the piece.
In this painting by Fragonard he portrays three small children as well as a dog. In this painting he uses the common lighter, airy pastels of the Rococo period. Fragonard easily depicts the classic realism in the painting especially in the details of the clothing, children's faces and the dog.
Even though Fragonard does not use color in this painting it does not take away from the great use of value and realism throughout the painting of the bull and dog.
Hogarth depicts a great use of detail to make the painting realistic. He also uses pastels in a great way to show more detail and to have the sole objects in the painting stand out against the background, but still manages to get an immense amount of detail into the background.
In this painting Hogarth doe not use color but it makes the tiniest details in the painting stand out. He uses gray scale value to portray more details in the peoples clothing, faces and the paintings and background in the painting. The painting has an airy feel to it and also shows a great importance on the higher class of people in the painting.
In this painting done by Hogarth, he depicts the importance placed upon the higher/ noble class of people. This painting has an airy feel to it by the use of lighter pastels to make the details within the painting standout.
In this simple painting of a man, Hogarth portrays extreme detail in the clothing and man's expression. Hogarth uses lighter pastels to bring out certain details in the portrait and uses darker ones to make other details be more apparent than others.
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