Behind the glory

Nationalism often glorifies war, but these pictures show the true gore and violence World War I was.

Not all soldiers died the noble deaths on the battlefield. Often, they died of illness.
Life in the trenches was disgusting and difficult. There was nothing glorious about it.
Shows how mentally tramatizing the war probably was on soldiers, and how they had each others backs until the end.
Men running into the open upon command. This picture shows how easy and quickly men were shot in trench warfare.
This picture shows how far men had to travel away from home, and how not luxurious war truly was. It takes away from the glory war is often portrayed as.
War in the trenches. It shows how brutal and personal the war was.
A picture of a tiny fraction of the men who went to war, near a trench.
This picture shows the reactions of men when they heard the war was over.
This picture honors the death of an American. It makes the death seem honorable, but the pictures before showed how dehumanizing it was.
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