Shadows of Light

An exploration of the High Contrast nature of Natural Light. Life is full of Light and Darkness, whether it be the light of Sun, Moon, and Stars; or the light of a campfire in the forest. By exploring the light around us, we can see the multiple beauties of that which we take for granted. -Ryan Moore

A rendition of the ocean beating against the rocks, the shows the color of the world around us as it is ever in motion.
Showing life on the Old Frontier, this painting shows the struggle of man in the hugeness of the wilderness. We have fought long to become who we are, and this was one of the steps.
Photography is one of my favorite art styles, showing a targeted view of the real world.
Colorado is my home state, and it has been photographed and painted more times than can be counted, and each painting is an attempt at interpretation the beauty that the eye beholds.
Oil on Canvas of Long Peak, Colorado; which is quite the climb, if you are brave enough for it.
The railways of the olden days were vast and extremely important for the U.S. We would change the very shape of the Earth to run a railway through. An industrious and important endeavor.
Hikers in the Rocky Mountains trek across them, probably enjoying every single moment of it too.
Another example of the ingenuity and expansive workings of early America, Ute Pass is photographed, showing work in progress on the railway and roads.
A beautiful piece from China, showing the ever standing natural beauty while the old signs from ancient empires crumble and fall.
Credits: All media
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