Artwork Through time

View the how the life of people and the things that were important to them are applied and incorporated into their artwork throughout different times in history.

In this landscape, the admiration of the beauty of nature is conveyed. I adore the way, from top to bottom, the color goes from rich to faded to rich color.
The Geranium shown in this painting is the first specimen of the exotic plant in the New World. One thing i learned was that this artwork expressed the eloquent expression of his family's philosophical orientation.
One thing that I see in this painting is the richness of the colors of the vegetables. Also, I like the way the painting has the light shining from the left side but is dark on the right side, because it shows that the artist had intensions of putting in more effort.
One thing i learned about Niagara Falls was that it was first visited by European explorers in the late seventeenth century. The faded blue color, cloudy sky and the fallen tree give the painting a dark vibe.
What i learned form this portrait was that the building in the lefthand side was a reminder of Lyon's time of imprisonment where he was falsely accused of theft. When i look at this i see a hardworking guy who works as a blacksmith.
One thing that stands out to me is the head of a sculpture in the right corner. I like the fact that this painting depicts a clutter but still looks good.
I learned that the hair combs on Sarah Avery were most likely created by her husband Isaac, which were expensive at that time. I personally like the detail in her collar and the blanket around her arm.
The different shades of blue in this painting is amusing and comforting to me. Also, this painting of George Washington looking content depicts how he seemed to have things under control at that time.
When I see this painting I pay attention to the way the lighting shifts from bright to dark going from left to right. In addition, the precise detail in the blackberries shows the patience and skills of the artist, Raphaelle Peale.
I learned that this self portrait was of the inventor of the telegraph in the 1800s. In another point of view, I like the way he is turned to the side rather than the normal forward-facing portrait.
When i view this painting i see the beautiful blend of colors and how peaceful this place seems. I appreciate the way Francis Guy went into detail on the trees on either side as well as the buildings, but made the sky soft looking.
I like the way the artist used watercolors because it adds to the elegance of the flowers and birds. The bright colors of the birds catch my eye when i inspect this painting.
I see the muscles in the face of the person in the sculpture and the lines that define his hair. The fact that they only sculpted the head and chest rather than the whole body you can tell that they focused on the face and head of people when sculpting.
One thing i adore about this artwork is the colors used to depict this scene because they are some of my favorite colors put together. Also, the thing that stands out to me is the bright red color of the two birds in the middle.
One things i learned from the description is that the child in this sculpture is huddling with cold. The face expression is what drew my attention to this artwork specifically because it was not the normal smiling or happy face expression.
What i learned was that this painting represents how Morse viewed himself in the future because he aspired to be a great painter. One thing i like from this painting is that all the color is placed in the paints he is holding and in his jacket drawing the audience's attention.
I like this painting because not only does it have great mixture of rich colors but it illustrates a lot of action going on at the time. In this painting the sortie at Gibraltar on November 26, 1781, in which British forces overthrew a Spanish siege, is shown.
The fact that this is possibly a family portrait shows that, if so, family was important to the people back then as well. I like that West, the artist, painted the baby caressing the mother's cheek.
I like the way the attention is drawn to the General's face by being painted brighter than the background. I learned that during the War of 1812 he was wounded in the Battle of Queenstown Heights.
I love how Sully used dark colors and large undefined strokes to contribute to the lost feeling. The dark circles as they eyes, stands out to me because it truly sends a message.
One thing i appreciate about this painting is that it has so much detail throughout the entire thing. Also, It shows how they admired the beauty of nature shown by the green colors and many trees and bushes.
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