Omg, What is She Wearing?

Megan Hultman uses her amazing SAGE skills (Student Advocates for Gender Equality) to analyze different depictions of women in different styles, social classes, cultures, and roles in history, while looking at some pretty unique clothing choices along the way.

This is one of the more modern pieces that I have chosen. It's an African American woman who is pregnant, and you can't really see her face. I think this is interesting, because in doing this she can be the "face" of many women.However I will say she is depicted kindly, as shown by the bright colors and heart necklace.
Photograph of a Korean woman in a school uniform. I chose this photo because a lot of the time this is all people see, a girl in a uniform. However the pop of color on her nails allows her individuality to peek through.
A way less traditional depiction of a geisha, but very modern and very interesting. It sends a message, and how I am interpreting it is kind of how women sometimes use makeup as mask in society.
This piece really caught my eye. A Gopi is the type of clothing she is wearing, usually worn to heard cows, but she is dancing with it on. I also really like this artists take on the female form, making her so vibrant.
This is an American woman in high society. I choose this because of the way she is just lounging, completely comfortable in her setting.
Marguerite Chase,was one on the Westchester Women who joined the war effort in the 1940's. Seeing her in an Army uniform is amazing, because it was a large step not just for women's rights, but for African American rights as well, because despite the fact most Army stuff was still segregated, it offered a lot more opportunities than civilian life did.
These are women in Valencia, a city in Spain, in 1915. They are fisherwomen and have light dresses on. I like this image because they look like such a tight unit. While their partners were away they all stuck together.
A Japanese Woman in traditional geisha dress, full kimono and makeup. It's the more traditional depiction, done on what I believe is a silk screen. I love the traditional depiction of a historical way of dressing.
A native American women depicted in a beautiful and respectful manor, which is rare for the time in which this was made, and Native American culture was being stifled.
A great representation of traditional style of middle eastern dress at the time. I chose this because while uncommon this amount of coverage does still happen,and I think it needs more representation.
Queen Victoria, Her reign of 63 years and seven months was a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military change within the United Kingdom. Basically, she can really rock a crown.
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