An Old and new testament to art

My gallery takes a look at some of the most famous religious forms of art in both recent and not so recent history.

This Leandro Bassano painting is believed to be created in approximately 1595. Like the School of Athens this painting has many different levels, if you will. The top portion symbolizes all the saints in heaven. The lower left corner shows a soul being saved and the bottom right shows a soul falling into hell. Leandro can be found in this painting along with Doge Marino Grimani, commemorating him being brought into knighthood.
This painting believed to have been created in the 1530's/1540's depicts Salmone holding the Head of St. John the Baptist. This painting embodies Cranach's perspective of the vast universe of women's power over men, while portraying a beautiful women in the midst.
James Andersons rendition of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, created approximately in 1845. The original embodies the world as we believe it was created and this piece of art reinforces that.
This is an duplication of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, The Last Supper. The artist is unknown, but displays the same importance of the original. By centering Jesus, surrounded by the Apostles gives this piece of art the upmost importance of the true meaning and feeling of the Last Supper.
This 1530's painting by Hans Holbein Jr. depicts images of two vastly different worlds, being the old and new testament. The left side depicts the old testament, being a more strict and less forgiving afterlife. While the right side embodies forgiveness of sin and reincarnation in heaven.
The Annunication by Francisco Zurbaran in 1664, depicts Gabriel the angel announcing to Mary that she will bear Jesus Christ; The son of God. The glowing shadows around both faces depicts that both figures are of high importance, shadowed by faces of heaven in the back.
This embodies the importance of St. Francis as he is centered in the middle of this painting, surrounded by listeners, followers, and the doomed. His left hand points to the Fides, personification of faith while his other is extended towards the crowd. This piece of art is evenly balanced by the examples of his works. The man rising from the dead and the blind man are two great examples of his works.
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