the beauty of nature By: Roberto Razuri

My galleries theme is about finding patterns or contrast in color fom nature. Specifically, all the colors that unite in nature to form nice blends and look soothing to the eye.

The painting portrays a small dock at either sunset or sunrise. There are people sitting by the sea shore and a building off to the right. The colors used in here are very soothing and flow nicely.
Centered painting of the hollyhock flower. Nice contrasting between the light and dark green colors and light background back this piece very appealing and makes it look very natural to life.
Another flower painting, except this one is a bouquet of flowers instead of just one. This piece shows a bunch of different colors that make it stand out. Every shade on here complements each other nicely.
This painting is from the perspective of a forest clearing, overseeing a small town. The dark orange colors make the piece very peaceful as if it was a dream. The town in the back is slowly fading as it turns to nighttime
This painting portrays a hare sitting down next to some flowers and a forest in the background. The real grainy feel to the colors in this painting makes it seem like dusk, giving a very realistic feel.
This forest is painted in such a way that you feel as if you were standing in the painting. The soft colors along with the nice shadows from the sun make it very appealing to look at and imagine
A beautiful scenery and landscape includes many mountains and trees. The fog and the hazy background make it seem as if it was drawn to be portrayed as a dream or fantasy world. Very nice blend of colors.
This is a very odd painting but also very artisitic. The sheep are drawn in such a way that adds a abstract piece to the painting. The nice blend of green and blue from the sea to grass works perfectly.
Another mountainside along a sea shore. The little house on the bottom makes it seem like an isolated island or something. They sunset or sunrise behind the mountain makes the landscape so much more appealing.
Another mountain landscape with a lone house at the end. The person on the bottom left gives a nice scene of depth and scale to everything else. Very nice blends of yellow and green make this painting unite very nicely.
Credits: All media
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