tune tones - anderson fowler

  This gallery includes contrasting artistic masterpieces relating to musical elements. The images were created in the United States of America after the year of 1800 A.D.

This image shows an African musical instrument. There is a sharp distinction between the light and dark areas of this image. The use of contrast present in the image above gives great depth to the item shown and causes a powerful glow to surround the focal points.
This image is a painted rendition of Alejandro Escobedo and Bruce Springsteen performing together on stage. The dark background allows the uses of color in the forefront to show the life and energy present at the concert.
This image is a drawing of famous singer Janis Joplin. The darkness of the microphone in the image emphasizes the musicality of Joplin. The lightness of her flowered headband is shown very well in contrast to the dark background.
This is a picture of Edward Auer sitting at a piano and playing. The starkly contrasting color scheme used above showcases the shadow cast by Edward's body as he plays. The seriousness of his expression is also highlighted by the thin dark lines on his pale face.
This is a picture of a square piano. This image would be an excellent picture for an advertisement of the square piano because of the use of contrast present. The dark background of the image truly makes the ornate gold embellishments of the piano stand out.
This image is a painting of a man and woman harmonizing instruments. As an in house concert is held, he plays a cello as she plays a piano. All of the light in the room is coming from the left corner. The light is cast on the couple dressed in fashionable clothing and the rest of the room is dimmed.
This image shows a poster for a Willie Nelson concert. The concert is patriotically themed in the spirit of Independence Day. The use of a bright yellow background/border really captures the focus of the audience and adequately showcases the darker colored image of the American flag.
This image is a painting of a Hispanic band playing music enthusiastically. The contrast present within the image allows the viewer to believe that nothing in the world is important other than the band members and their music. The musicians' dark clothes contrast with the blurred light background.
This image is a very interesting depiction of a group of individuals playing a 55 gallon drum. The light in the picture seems to radiate from the drum that is being played. This use of contrast gives the image somewhat of a spiritual feeling, as if the music being played is exceptionally powerful.
This image shows a Native American tribe celebrating through music and dance. The neutral light background of the image allows all of the attention to be focused on the portrayals of people in the image. One must assume that all individuals shown are equally important due to the lack of a light suggested focal point.
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