Textures of Creatures

This gallery features animals and mythical creatures. In each picture we will be focusing how the artist used texture to make these creatures come to life. You can visually see yourself petting these creatures and having a sense of how their fur or skin would feel.

This artwork features wolves. As you can see, the artist made the fur on the animals look fluffy. You can tell by the lines and shading they used.
There is good contrast between the fish and the cat. The fish has a smooth, silky look. The cat has more of an opposite texture. It's texture is fluffy and soft. It looks just like fur.
I am focusing on the rabbit's fur and the quail's feathers. The rabbit's fur looks soft and fluffy. The quail's feathers look soft as well, but longer and smooth. Soft texturing was used for both.
This picture is a wonderful example of texture. So many different types are in this picture. You can see the fluff in the fur of the dog, cat, etc. You can see the silky, soft feathers of the birds.
This picture isn't extremely detailed, but it does show nice detail in the bird's feathers. It shows the ridges and soft strokes used on the feathers for the bird.
I love the wet, slippery look these fish have. The artist used lighting to help show this texture very well.
You can see the fluffy fur on the dogs and the boar, but I am focusing more on their mouths. You can see how the teeth look really sharp and jagged. This is very beneficial for hunting.
Even though dragons are not real, this picture paints a realistic look of this creature. The creature looks to have a scaly, smooth look to it. Almost like a fish or snake's texture.
These cows show many textures. They have a hard and pointy horns. Their fur is soft, short, and smooth. Their utters look hairless and have the softness of human skin.
Different birds with similar textures are shown here. Most of the birds have short, soft feathers. Some have longer feathers. Some feathers look softer than others and some look more ridged to touch.
Even though this artwork is a statue, you can still visualize the texture from this piece. The body doesn't show a fluffy texture, but the hair on top of the animals' heads are shown through curls.
The Phoenixes are detailed enough to see the texture of their feathers. You can see the brush strokes used for each feather. These strokes make the feathers look a bit hard, yet soft.
Another mythical creature brought to life. The Minotaur has the shape of a human body, but has the softness of an animal's fur. The fur around it's head looks longer and softer than on its body.
The Centaur's top half has the soft, smooth skin of a human being. The bottom half is a body of a horse. The bottom shows the short, soft hair of a horse. This painting is beautiful and very detailed.
Siren's are half human and half bird. The head of the Sirens have the smooth, silk feeling of human flesh. They also include the frizzy feeling of human hair. The body has the feathery, soft wings.
This is a picture of angels and demons. The angels have a soft, look to their feathers. The demons have more of a sharp, jagged look to their wings. These textures give you a feeling of good and evil.
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