Social Street By William Winfield

While many see graffiti as vandalism. If we take a look at some of these works, this couldn't be farther from the truth. All of the street art shown here have some indepth meaning and bring attention to social issues such as; war, smoking, drugs, parenting, and even warnings of dangerous creatures.

This image is a canon with a pencil substituting the barrel. This image depicts an anti-war motiff with not only the substitution of the barrel but with the subtle color choices of the flowers and the background giving a peaceful feel. If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the pencil cancel may be mightier than war.
This image is of a aerosol stamp portraying a rat with a peace sign necklace holding a picket sign. Leaving the white space empty from the picket sign leaves this piece of art open for protesting local or global issues. While this image does not directly call to a social issue it is constructed in a manner to be used for such.
This colorful and stricking image gives an insight to the dangers of smoking. The artist portrayed this in a two ways. The first way was by labeling the matchbook case with the tradition skull and crossbones showing the universal sign for danger. Incorporating the spider in the image ties this meaning in as well by using the perception of a poisonous creature. To futher this the eyes of the spider are looking at the danger sign ensuring that the viewer does not overlook the message.
In this example take notice of the fore front wall of this abandoned and boarded up castle. By using the word waste the artist brings attention to the issue of neglect that many historic homes are facing. The white outline of the work ensures that it is visable and helps bring this issue to the forefront of everyones mind who sees it.
In this clever piece of wall art the artist brings forth the issue of the effects on smoking. This is done by having the seperate pieces overlap and show depth which draws your eyes in a logical pattern to bring about his point. Using proportion to have the eyes drawn intially to the melting square and his eyes moving your attention to the sun is a terrific way to have your piece looked at the way he wants.
In this work the use of geometric perspective gives depth to this image not only showing distance or space but representing how the masses are tied to the central image. The use of color in the sash, not only wrapping the central image but in the hordes of bind-folded and muted followers further tie the two images together. The repetition of the sash flowing through the crowd unite the crowd into a single image rather than individual one. The scale of the central image to the crowd also shows importance and gives a visual hierarchy to the work of art. This image represents how the masses blindly follow those in charge and do not have a voice of their own.
In this mural the artist brings attention to parental neglect. The image portrays a child in front of a television set. The artist brings meaning to this work by adding the word Mami in a bubble above the child. By doing so the artist brings a striking message to the veiwers.
In this first draft the artist brings attention to todays micro managing society by challenging people to live there lives. He repeats the statement over and over again to ensure that work stands out. Exist or hurry up to die! is also done in a seperate color to achieve that the correct message is taken from this work.
This aerosol depiction of a snake brings attention to possible dangers in the area. The artist represents this by a child playing with a snake with a bite mark on its shoulder. Showing this brings awareness of the area hopefully making viewers watch what is going around them and keeping them safe.
This artist brings awareness to drug use in the area. By doing so the artist hopes to deter drug use in the area. He brings attention to this depiction by using bright colors that stand out to grab attention to this issue. He further brings depth to this issue by adding the cracks to the words and using the red as a background to add more emphasis.
Credits: All media
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