outside her window...

The paintings in this gallery depict things going on outside her window. The activities outside, whether through human beings,plants or nature are the movements of life. The artist used earth tone colors to create a warm atmosphere with a welcoming environment rough and durable.                                                  By Karen Edwards

Woman at a Window...This is Caroline with her back facing the viewer, as she is looking through a window. The window looks like it never ends causing the sky to appear the same way. The ceilings appear to be high, the walls seem to extend more. the values and the contrast compliment the lines and shapes used. Her world seems to be on the inside of the window while the world is going on outside the window.
The Bridge Emperor Caligula declared he would cross the bridge on a horse before he became emperor. The bridge is in an angle giving the illusion of a long high structure bridge. Off in the distance seem to be mountains and off to the left is the Palace. The contrast of the sun is to appear hot. It's blocked by the structure of the bridge and the trees allows the people some shade while enjoying the water. The lines and shapes communicate well with the colors. From the window, two ships were seen passing under the bridge one with the Emperor on the back of a horse.
The Two hummingbirds are above the plant that looks as if they are behind the plant. The lines accent the organic shapes as well as the colors. The hummingbirds and early morning opening of the white orchid, shows movement. The sound of the hummingbirds outside the window drew her attention to the blooming orchid.
The clear blue skies and the depth of the ocean give the illusion of great distance. The ripples of the water give movement, The focus is on the ladies and children enjoying a beautiful warm day, from the contrast. The colors and texture communicate well. Outside the window, the ladies could be seen enjoying the beachside.
A walk in the park. The colors are vibrant and compatible as well as the shapes organic and dynamic. The tower far off gives the illusion of distance. The proportion is equal with much rhythm. The contrast gives the feeling of a hot summer day. Outside the window, in the heat of the day, no movement is seen in the park.
A stranger in town. The Lady stands and stares at Franklin as he walks and enjoys his apple. Both individuals appear to be well clothed as for a warm fall day. The fallen leaves show movement with each step he takes.The balance of the shapes and color make the proportion equal. Outside the window, the stranger was seen and brought attention to many.
The banjo player and his fare lady sitting in the terrain enjoying a warm day. Their clothes give the impression of it being late fall or early winter. The greenery has a glow from the sun while the value is further back given the illusion of shadowed from the sun. The asymmetrical picture is balanced and the focal point is that of the two individuals. The rhythm of the organic shapes are repetition. Outside her window, the soft notes of the banjo player were heard and revealed his location.
Enjoying a swim on a hot summers day. These could very well be foot soldiers taking a cool swim and allowing the dog to do the same. The colors are warm tune even the skin tone of the six naked men,which is the focal point of the portrait. The gentleman that is about to disappear in the water, as well as the other two gentlemen in the water show movement to the picture. All the splashing and loud out burst could be heard and seen of the nude men, outside her window.
For whose respect was this flower grown for. The flower looks as if its dieing out. The stems are thin and the buds appear to have fallen off. However, the Cyclamen plant is a poisonous plant grown throughout the Mediterranean area. It buds in the fall and grow through the winter. In temperature as high as 68 and as low as 44 degrees. Every good thing will eventually come to an end, is its meaning. This is a balanced picture with one main focal point. The lines of the organic work together with the colors and shapes of the flower. Outside the window, sat a cyclamen plant on whose grave will it produce more.
Credits: All media
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