New Orleans Through Different Eyes - Jeremy Duncan

How does it feel when you tell a complete stranger which city you're from?  This gallery is a collection of art that depicts New Orleans, a southern city rich with history.  Life in this city is unlike any other.  Through photographs, collages, and paintings we can feel the life of the city of New Orleans.

In this photo, the viewer can see buildings probably located in the French Quarter. Considering the size of the of the people in this photo, we can see just how tall the buildings are.
This is the artwork for a cover of an audio CD. The collage represents the African American culture and influence on music played in Congo Square- an area located in the Louis Armstrong Park.
One of the staple cuisines of New Orleans is raw oyster served on the half-shell. The viewer has a sense that the food is fresh from the use of bright colors in this painting.
In this photo, we can see a boy looking through cast iron fencing. Cast iron and wrought iron are iconic to New Orleans architecture. This photo makes us feel like the boy wants to leave and play.
The painting depicts one of the numerous "shotgun" (narrow, rectangular, on brick) houses in the New Orleans area. The use of bright colors makes the viewer feel like he would be happy to live here.
What is New Orleans without jazz music? In this painting, we can see bright colors and sharp angles. Brass instruments and African American musicians are images used to represent New Orleans' music.
This painting depicts the view of a parade and its numerous onlookers lining the street. Our perspective is higher than street level-making the viewer feel as if he/she is looking from a balcony.
In this photo, we can see a view of part of the French quarter with the St. Louis Cathedral in the background. The cast-iron (balcony) enclosure gives the us the opportunity to see a resident's view.
This is a view of a corner building in the French Quarter. Each balcony is decorated with iron work that is meant to mimic what can be found in Spanish architecture.
This photo depicts a typical street scene found in New orleans. Small sandwich shops and grocery stores are scattered throughout town. Notice the advertising painted directly onto the building.
Credits: All media
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