The divine house-tito munoz naumann

The title is a representation of the importance for these painting of Christ art to be place together in one place as a special thing that represents how people viewed and felt about their belief through the arts, all in one house.

There a great deal of Contract element, where color is well balance giving the face a good balance in color not to bright and the hair is as natural almost real, now this effect makes the painting more powerful and more related to the human eye.
If we take a good look at the painting we realized that the artist is showing some kind of Movement in his painting,a man looking up making gestures ,men on the ground as sleep , an angel rising and Christ being exalted, all in representation of Movement flow.
In this painting we see the Texture element creating interesting feel to the painting by the use of color element producing a more vivid notion, applying both brightness and obscurity, with this contrast we have an amazing Texture where the two main subjects feel real.
Although there is not a confirmed artist we can appreciate the Perspective style in the painting, we see how different point of view is projected through the drawing.
In this unique painting the artist is projecting a texture of realism in the blood that is coming out from the side of Christ.
The artist is clear in what he wanted to show a Texture of the crucifixion taking place at the decline of day, at the very far you could see the sun setting giving such a vivid taste.
In this particular painting the Contrast in the color makes it seem if the body of Christ is actually real giving the painting a more dramatic feel like if you are watching the real thing.
Great Movement is presented here the contrast of color together with the smooth texture of colors still keeps our eyes focus on the main part with is the water being pour onto Christ.
As we look into this painting we can take in value the Color element is present, giving a strong property between lightness and darkness,the color is intensive
The Perspective form is clearly demonstrated where our eyes see as far into the dimension of the painting and the crowd that is in front of us covering a depth perspective.
Credits: All media
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