Art as a Whole 

The idea of artwork for delight means people appreciating a piece of art for what it is, like its beauty. This also goes with the idea that we need visual enjoyment and this is what this idea also represents. I chose The Birth of Venus because it depicts the birth of beauty. Not only because of the representation but the fact of all the components in the actual painting, like the detail in the dresses, the color of the ocean, and even the expressions of the faces. This piece of art allows the audience’s eye to continue to find something appealing.
Contemporary art is created to send a message or to represent a certain idea to the viewer. This particular art installation is contemporary art because it creates an experience for the audience to respond to what they are seeing. They way it is set up is the audience can walk/stand and even lay down in these rooms and be taken through the different elements (earth, wind, water, and fire). This particular work of art could create the viewer to think about how they relate to all these elements. Not only that but it the visual aspects of this installation are beautiful.
I think since art has been around one of its main purposes has been used for religion and worship. It allows people to represent their ideas and values based on their faith. I chose A Rajput king worshipping Krishna because it represents the idea of worshiping. It depicts a king showing respect to a God. This shows that even people who are in power still answer to an even greater power. This may also depict some kind of ritual because of the animals and the woman behind Krishna. So I believe this piece of work truly shows what this concept is.
Commemoration is the act of celebrating a life, event, and even a memory. Another part of of the definition of commemoration is that it shows the value of humanity. I chose this picture taken at Abraham Lincoln's memorial at the Ohio statehouse. This definitely represents what a commemoration is. It shows numerous people paying their respect to their fallen president. Now a normal person would not have that big of a public memorial, so this clearly shows that Lincoln was a really important individual.
Persuasion is when someone tries to convince you into doing something you normally would not do. This piece of work fits because it looks like the man is trying to convince the other man to do something. In researching this piece I learned that this was Benjamin Duterrau way of celebrating Mr. Robinson’s accomplishments in persuading the people of Tasmania into ending their war. Even at first glance you can tell Mr. Robinson’s intent was to change these people's mind.
I chose this piece of work because not only does it show the artist's self-expression but it also allows the viewer to self-reflect. The definition of self- expression is when people express their own personal feelings and ideas. This particular work of art is the phrase “I confess my sins” but also around it is what it looks to be like personal artifacts from the artist. This could be Jia Chang’s way of airing out her dirty laundry.
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