indian gods and deities

This gallery contains artwork from India and Pakistan, the theme being the spiritual world, images of gods, goddesses, and spiritual beings. The gallery will be completely focused on religious Hindu artworks up to the year 1800. The artwork from this part of the world is completely unique, and there is really nothing quite like it in other cultures. While western art focused on realism and portraying things exactly as they are, Indian art portrayed their people and their gods and goddesses in a way unique to their culture.You will be seeing colorful paintings of these deities that is bright, extravagant, aesthetically pleasing and really capture movement and reality while still keeping its stylistic excellence. Pay close attention to the choices the artists have made with their colors in order to create tone in their artwork. The color choices are very complimentary which makes the art really stand out. This gallery features popular Hindu deities such as Shiva, Vishnu, and more, in a range of styles and wonderful compositions.  These artworks definitely portray the religion well but is also enjoyable for all art lovers no matter the religion.  Religious artwork completely captures everything that Indian culture is about, with the beautiful ornate and colorful compositions. The Indian art aesthetic is all about color, style, and rhythm, all of which are present in this gallery. Art is a way of prayer and showing appreciation to their deities. Artists are highly appreciated for their work because without religious images, their culture would not even be where it is today. The artwork really preserved their religion and culture for centuries.     "Ardhanarishvara – When the Ultimate Man Became Half-Woman." The Isha Blog. N.p., 23 June 2014. Web. 01 May 2016. <http: / / /blog /yoga-meditation /demystifying-yoga /ardhanarishvara>.   "Vishnu." Avatars Incarnations : Hindu God Overview. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2016. <http: / / /hindu_gods_and_goddesses /vishnu.htm#.vywjffkrliu>.

This artwork portrays Shiva doing the Dance of Bliss while Vishnu and Brahma play their instruments. This relates to my theme because it is a religious art piece featuring the Hindu deities.
This work depicts the strongest incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna and Radha. This is relevant to my theme, gods and deities because of the god Krishna being portrayed in this work.
This piece features Shiva and Parvati riding on a cow composed of assembled women. The artwork has both an analogous and complimentary color scheme while the posed bodies really capture movement.
This artwork depicts Ravana receiving the Pashupata Weapon from the deity Shiva, which is relevant to this gallery because it is focused on showing works depicting gods and deities from India.
This work features Shiva being worshiped by goddess Parvati near a river. Her arm is extended towards him. They are often depicted together in artwork, sometimes joined as one called Ardhanarishvara
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