Colorful shapes                by Austin Dancer

This is a gallery of minimalist pieces, mostly paintings that are of basic shapes and may or may not be in different colors. Expect to see very basic shapes in varying positions, and varying colors. In this gallery there will be no symbolism, no real meanings, just shapes and colors. 

This is a minimalist piece depicting a series of colorful rectangles. There are seven colorful squares, and the artist must have been feeling lazy because he used blue and white twice.
This piece is an odd trapezoidal shape. It is partially a navy green color and part black. The artist must have had an accident with some scissors, hence the shape of the canvas.
This is the most visually complex piece I have chosen for this gallery. This piece depicts various 3D cubes in boxes. Some of the cubes are squashed, and others are stretched. All cubes are various colors.
In a similar vein to the previous piece, this piece shows multiple patterns on top of each other. Two of the layers depict waves of different intensities. One depict colorful spires, another has basic colorful lines, and the last is a kind of wavy pattern.
This is an incredibly minimalistic piece, with just three square colors. A pale green, a bright orange, and a dingy yellow, broken up with black lines.
This is a painting depicting lines of different colors going in different directions. To me personally, they look like a collage of wristbands with the way the squares are aligned.
A collage of colorful shapes, mostly squares and rectangles. To me this looks almost like a glitchy computer screen, with the way the colors are laid out.
If you couldn't see anything around this painting, it would look like just a few brush strokes on a canvas. But with the perspective of everything around it you can see that the canvas is massive, and looks to be on the side of a building.
This painting depicts cones of color coming from the bottom and exiting at the top. For whatever reason this painting reminds me of the TV program The PowerPuff Girls.
This is the only circle in this gallery. This piece depicts a (lopsided) circle made of multiple colors, and looks as if it is actually overlapping itself.
Credits: All media
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