Color schemes

The color scheme is Analogous color scheme.The colors are yellow-orange, yellow, and yellow-green.The mood is happy and bright because of the yellows and light green in it.
The color scheme is cool color scheme.The colors are blue and green.The mood is chill because of the green and blue.
The color scheme is warm color scheme. The colors include red, orange, and yellow. The mood would be angry because of the use of the red in it.
The scheme is complementary color scheme.The colors are blue-green and red-orange.The mood would be somewhat calming.
The color scheme is triadic color scheme.The colors are red,blue,and yellow.The mood is sensual because of the red and yellow and blue.
The color scheme is monochromatic color scheme.The colors consist of yellow,light yellow,to an even paler yellow almost white.The mood would be soothing because of the light yellows.
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