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What I love about this piece is the solitude of the individual in it. Here is a lone fisherman out on the late afternoon. The water has that still, shimmery movement to it, which creates depth.
Monet is one of my favorite Impressionist painters. It is cool how he painted many similar settings and themes over the course of time. He has many paintings of water lillies for instance, but no two look alike.
My favorite work by Courbet is L'homme avec le pipe. I actually copied that painting in French class while we studied impressionism. This painting is a close 2nd favorite. He captures a pure nature scene here without it being boring. The ocean is foaming, the water is reflecting the sky, and the grasses show the vague movement of the wind by the water. Courbet's scenes to me are intimate in that the warmth of what is being perceived is not lost in the canvas.
When I was into drawing and art I quickly found out that I had a knack for drawing anything that was not living haha. I loved to draw boats, planes, cars, you name it. I have an appreciation for art that captures scenes with industrial vehicles, aircraft, boats, etc. I love the realism behind works such as this one. It looks just like a photograph. The dimensions look accurate and realistic too.
In keeping with the whole vehicles vibe, I love picutres, paintings, and photographs with trains. There is something powerful when a steam locomotive is added to a piece. Even if you've never been around one, you can get a sense of it's power and impact on an environment. What's cool about this piece is the difference between the new age of industrialism mixed with the rural setting of fields and a lone farmer. This piece is reminiscent of other French impressionist paintings featuring the industrial element offsetting nature.
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