Nicholas Kerby's Gallery of Symmetry and Balance

This gallery is about Symmetry and balance.

This picture has a sense of symmetry because of how the golden ratio was applied to this work of art. Using the golden ratio, this piece is then given a strange sense of balance.
This painting used the golden ratio, thus giving it a form of symmetry and balance. The two turkeys(?) mirror each other and the dark forest in the left contrasts the open field on the right.
This piece has a sense of symmetry in that it is asymmetrical and yet it feels right. The single blotch of color on the left gives the overall circle a balance.
This thingy just looks symmetrical.
The color in this piece gives it a form of balance and symmetry. Nothing feels off. The red tint in the bottom helps balance the composition in this piece.
This piece is separated in half by a line. Each side of the piece has a large cloud and there are clouds that crosses over each side in the middle linking the two separated sides together: Symmetry.
The bright side on the left is contrasted by the blank empty dark side on the right, giving this piece a sense of balance and symmetry.
This abstract piece is balanced and symmetrical, one can look at this piece and say that nothing feels off about it even though everything is a jumbled mess.
The color in this piece is symmetrical. No color overtakes the other as everything is balanced out by one another.
This just looks symmetrical, even though the pieces don't entirely mirror each other, it still gives a sense of symmetry.
This looks symmetrical.
This painting was done using the golden ratio, the proportions in the women and the trees in the background was done using the golden ratio. The two women balances the painting overall.
The face in this portrait was done using the golden ratio, the color in the background mirrors each other nicely and the overall picture looks balanced.
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